iPad Rentals

ATG offers no-contract iPad rentals that let you simply rent the device and airtime for however long your business needs. We handle the carriers and everything else, so you only need to place your order and return the equipment when you are done. Fill out our mobile technology rental form to request a custom quote today.

We offer a variety of Apple iPads:

  • iPad Air
  • iPad Mini
  • iPad Mini with retina display

Renting an iPad offers a simple and no-risk solution for mobile POS systems, digital displays, special events, and project-based work. The process works seamlessly for small and large businesses, for short and long-term needs:

 Our iPad Rentals Process

After we help you determine which iPad models are best for your needs, we provide a simple quote. We then ship the iPads to you, prepped to get you connected and ready to help your business at the next project or event. No need for a lengthy setup or activation process!

All you need to do is return the iPads to ATG when you are finished using them. You can cancel the rental agreement at any time, so there’s no worry about commitment. Our team is there to help with any step along the way — you only deal with ATG, not carriers or any other third parties. It’s a single point of contact process that works entirely on your terms.

Why ATG Is Your Best Solution for Renting iPads

We maintain a fleet of iPads to power your business with the features and models you want. We offer a range of iPad rentals including the iPad Mini and iPad Air, and you can rent any number of devices that you need.

The process of iPad rentals goes smoothly with ATG because our focus is always on helping you conduct business even better with complete mobility solutions. We understand that when your business needs to rent an iPad, you are doing so because you want helpful technology — so we make sure that the rental process is simple and streamlined from start to finish.

Our team can help you decide on iPads and other equipment with packages customized for your needs. We also offer AT&T air cards and MiFi hotspots as well as iPhones and other mobile equipment.

Get in touch through our contact form to get started. Our mobility specialists will create a custom solution for your company to suit your short or long-term needs.