The DLI 8 & 10 Rugged Tablet

Ruggedized options for Tablets should always be a consideration. The DLI Rugged Tablet features innovative options for high-performance needs. Slim, lightweight and quick, the DLI Rugged Tablet engages users via anti-glare surface, responsive touch screen and incredible sustainability. Rated IP65 and MIL-STD-810G/MIL-STD-461F, the DLI Rugged tablet is similarly available with barcode scanner, smart card reader, 3G/4G connection models and MSR camera. Reinvent your workplace, and secure ongoing communication, maneuverability and control with industrial quality tablets capable of redefining boundaries.

Sustainability in Mission-Critical Environments

DLI8 & DLI10

Each DLI Rugged Tablet ensures seamless information capture, transmission and retrieval in harsh, mission-critical environments. Each anti-oil tablet procures information via smart technology, and is available in optional three-in-one or five-in-one models. The DLI 8 retrieves payment via magstripe, debit pin pad, EMV or contactless payment. Financial and maintenance operations, both inherently important to operational success, are hosted upon the DLI 8’s 8/0” indoor/outdoor LCD screen.

DLI 8/10 Rugged Tablet Operating Features:

Information is showcased upon an impact-resistant housing structure capable of withstanding multiple four-foot drops onto concrete. Similarly, guaranteed IP54 protection against dust and water enhances security and ongoing use in each industrial quality tablet.

The DLI 8/10 Rugged Tablet is operated by an Intel® Quad Core processor, offering 64GB of available storage and 4GB of memory. Each DLI 8 Rugged Tablet features industrial-certified lightweight design driven by market impacts, industry requirements and safety standards. Each anti-fingerprint tablet includes one of the following operating systems upon operation:

Additionally, the DLI 8 Rugged Tablet navigates throughout multiple radio frequencies, creating ongoing connectivity via Wi-Fi, cellular independence, a/b/g/n radio, Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS connectivity. A 1D/2D Barcode Scanner and 5MP CMOS Camera with Flash, similarly, are included.

Anywhere, Anytime Transactions

Many locations require internal communicative networks to thrive. At the front gate, in the store and in the back-house, mobile computing is driven by frequency consistency and digital accuracy. The DLI 8 Rugged Tablet operates quickly in multi-purpose facilities, creating interconnected environments conducive to ready-to-buy scenarios.

The DLI 8 Rugged features a Mobile POS solution constructed around the brand’s retail-enabled DLI options.. Each industrial grade tablet includes a revolutionary five-in-one mobile payment feature, fully integrated with contactless payment, grants warehouse and retail leaders freedom over point-of-sale activities. Take mobile computing and consistency of financial security into your own hands. The DLI 8 Rugged Tablet features:

Durable Design for Warehouse OperationsDLI Products

The DLI 8 Rugged Tablet features full WMS and ERP solutions designed around its vehicle mount computer, distribution and manufacturing operations. Each operation is functional at peak operating efficiency, ensuring superior use in harsh industrial environments. Each DLI 8 Rugged Tablet is fully equipped with biometric security, concurrent radio technology and other amenities.

Track completed orders, categorize raw materials and capture data at every level. When warehouse productivity is recorded, organized and utilized effectively, material handling is optimized. Boost your warehouse’s safety and efficiency, and take advantage of the DLI 8 Rugged Tablet’s data capture technologies. When standard desktop applications are mobilized with powerful Intel processors, sustainability is guaranteed.