Wireless Carriers Approve Use of Consumer Signal Boosters

62 Signal Booster Models Are Eligible

In January 2015, the FCC requested information from the four major U.S. wireless carriers regarding their position on Consumer Signal Boosters that had passed the FCC’s new certification process. In total, 62 wireless amplifier systems were listed for approval. Wireless carriers were asked to review whether those boosters would work on their networks.

All four carriers gave approval for all 62 models approved by the FCC.

So What Does This Mean for Consumers?

In short, this means that you are free to purchase and use any of the approved wireless signal amplification systems without needing to request carrier consent for that particular model. In 2013, the FCC created The Signal Booster ruling, requiring consumers register their devices with their carriers and request consent. With the blanket approval of 62 signal booster systems, consumers no longer have to seek consent–they simply have to register their devices with their carriers.

Registering Signal Boosters With Your Carrier

Registering your pre-approved booster device is simply. Each major carrier has their own site where they allow registration though a simple web form. You can find them at the following links:

Approved Signal Boosters

ManufacturerFCC IDModel No.Model Name
SureCallRSNDUALFORCEDual ForceDualForce
SureCallRSNFLEX2GOCM-Flex2GoFlex2Go Signal Booster
SureCallRSNFLEXPROFlexProFlex Pro Signal Booster
SureCallRSNFORCE-5Force-5Force-5 Band In- Building Signal Booster
SureCallRSNFORCE-550Force-550Force-550 5 Band Linear Signal Booster
SureCallRSNFUSION-5Fusion-5Fusion-5 Band in Building Signal Booster
SureCallRSNM2MCM-M2MSignal Booster
SureCallRSNM2M-AM2M-ASignal Booster
SureCallRSNM2M-VM2M-VSignal Booster
SureCallRSNMOBILE-30Mobile30Mobile30 Vehicle Signal Booster
SureCallRSNTRIFLEX- 2GO-ATriFlex-2Go-ATri-Band Mobile Signal Booster
SureCallRSNTRIFLEX- 2GO-TTriFlex-2Go-TTri-Band Mobile Signal Booster
SureCallRSNTRIFLEX- 2GO-VTriFlex-2Go-VTri-Band Mobile Signal Booster
SureCallRSNTRIFLEX-ATriFlex ATri-Band Mobile Signal Booster
SureCallRSNTRIFLEX-TTriFlex TTri-Band Mobile Signal Booster
SureCallRSNTRIFLEX-VTriFlex VTri-Band Mobile Signal Booster
SmoothTalkerS4RBRB81975BRB81975Smoothtalker Stealth X2
SmoothTalkerS4RBRBUZ81975BRUZ81975Smoothtalker Stealth Z1
SmoothTalkerS4RBRM22050BRM22050Smoothtalker Mobile X1
SmoothTalkerS4RBST22023BST22023Smoothtalker Mobile CX1
SmoothTalkerS4RBST22030BST220-23Smoothtalker Mobile CX1
weBoostPWO460001460001Cellular Signal Booster DT4G
weBoostPWO460001460001Cellular Signal Booster DT4G
weBoostPWO460002460002Signal Booster Mobile 3G
weBoostPWO460003460003Signal Booster DB Pro 4G
weBoostPWO460004460004Signal Booster AG Pro Quint
weBoostPWO460005460005Signal Booster DB Pro
weBoostPWO460006460006Sleek Dual-Band Smartech III Signal Booster
weBoostPWO460006460006Sleek Dual-Band Smartech III Signal Booster
weBoostPWO460007460007Sleek 4G Signal Booster
weBoostPWO460007460007Sleek 4G Signal Booster
weBoostPWO460008460008Mobile 4G Smart Technology III Signal Booster
weBoostPWO460009460009Data Pro Smartech III Signal Booster
weBoostPWO460011460011Mobile Maxx 3G Signal Booster
weBoostPWO460013460013Mobile Pro Signal Booster
weBoostPWO460019460019Signal 4G SmarTech Signal Booster
weBoostPWO460020460020DT 4G Cellular Signal Booster
weBoostPWO460021460021Mobile 4G Cellular Signal Booster
weBoostPWO460022460022Drive 4G-S Cellular Signal Booster
NextivityYETCELFI- RS224CUACELFI-RS224CUCEL-FI Coverage Unit
NextivityYETCELFI- RS225CUACELFI-RS225CUCEL-FI Coverage Unit
NextivityYETD24CUCELFI-D32-2/4CUCEL-FI Coverage Unit
NextivityYETD24NUCELFI-D32-2/4NUCEL-FI Window Unit
NextivityYETP24512CUCEL-FI P34- 2/4/5/12CUCEL-FI Pro Coverage Unit
NextivityYETP24512NUCEL-FI P34- 2/4/5/12NUCEL-FI Pro Network Unit
zBoostSO4ZB570-PCS- CELZB570-PCS-CELzBoost Cellular Reach
zBoostSO4ZB570-TRI- ALTEZB570-TRI-ALTEzBoost Trio Xtreme Reach
zBoostSO4ZB570-TRI- ALTEZB570-TRI-ALTEzBoost Trio Xtreme Reach
zBoostSO4ZB570-TRI- B12ZB570-TRI-B12zBoost Trio Connect
zBoostSO4ZB570-TRI- VLTEZB570-TRI-VLTEzBoost Trio Workspace
Clear RF, LLCXS7WRE2710WRE2710Dual Band Cellular
OPISYSQ4EAVHR-5000NAVHR-5000NIn Vehicle Dual Band Booster
OPISYSQ4EUSHR-700LUSHR-700LIn-Building Dual Band Repeater
Shenzhen HuaptecOWWC27G-CPF10G-CPSignal Booster
Shenzhen HuaptecOWWC27G- CPAL-AB-CF10G-CPSignal Booster
Shenzhen HuaptecOWWF10G-CPF10G-CPSignal Booster
Shenzhen HuaptecOWWF10G- CPAL-AB-CF15G-CPSignal Booster
Shenzhen HuaptecOWWF15G-CPF15G-CPSignal Booster
Shenzhen HuaptecOWWF20E-CPF20E-CPSignal Booster

How Does a Cell Phone Signal Booster Work?

A cell phone signal booster amplifies the existing cell phone signal so that it can remain strong enough throughout your entire building or office space. It works by taking an existing cell phone signal from outside and boosting it inside, rebroadcasting the signal strength so that it can reach all your employees’ locations.

One great benefit of some signal boosters is that they boost the signal strength for all carriers, not just one. That means if your employees have a mix of cell phone plans with Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint, some boosters will amplify all of their 2G, 3G, and 4G signals.

Wireless Signal Booster Solutions from ATG

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