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Cell Boosters — An Affordable Alternative to Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)

Although distributed antennas systems (DAS) have become somewhat less expensive to build, they are still only cost-effective for enormous facilities such as airports. For large commercial buildings that need to

2017 Cell Booster Buying Guide

The market for cell phone signal boosters has grown more powerful and diversified heading into 2017. Businesses have better options than ever for improving cell phone coverage and data speeds

SureCall Fusion 5x Review

With the release of the Fusion 5x signal booster, SureCall changed the game by offering enterprise-level quality at a fraction of what similar models cost. The Fusion 5x uses four

SureCall vs Wilson Electronics

Leading the cell repeater industry are two major players, SureCall and the Wilson Electronics family of products, WilsonPro and weBoost. Both manufacturers’ products do a wonderful job of reducing dropped calls,

Coming Soon – SureCall Flare

The new SureCall Flare cell phone signal booster can be called an elegant solution for several reasons. The striking silver tower design is not just for modern style, but also

Five Easy Ways to Improve your Cell Signal in 2017

It might be hard to believe that cell phone reception is not perfectly strong everywhere on earth in the year 2017. However, even with numerous cell towers in the area,

FCC Approved Cell Repeaters

About FCC Regulations for Cell Repeaters In 2014, the FCC issued the Signal Booster Ruling to ensure that products like cell repeaters do not interfere with wireless networks. There had

Best Cell Repeater for AT&T

Although all cell repeaters do basically the same thing — receive a wireless signal and amplify it — those signals actually differ a bit between the carriers. For example, the

WilsonPro 4000R Review

After years of most enterprise signal boosters topping out at a certain echelon, Wilson Electronics has taken the leap that so much technology tries to do — get simpler and more

Cel-Fi Quatra Review

Nextivity unveiled a new enterprise-level signal booster recently, and it’s a potential game-changer for large businesses and even some medium businesses in buildings with cell phone coverage issues. The Cel-Fi