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Windows Application Development from ATG


Businesses are increasingly utilizing mobility tools and technologies to enable their employees to communicate, collaborate, and work efficiently with each other and their customers to adapt in a fast-paced consumer environment. Consumers are now more than ever enabled with mobile technology that allows them to communicate just about every facet of their needs and wants at any time and place they choose.

Allow ATG to manage the complete customer life cycle by providing our end to end mobile solutions empowering your business.

ATG deploys and manages complete solutions comprised of software, infrastructure, connectivity, and services. ATG creates custom solutions that are easy to use, scalable, and cost effective.

Our solutions are based upon Windows Mobile.

Windows Mobile Application Development

ATG can help your business to take advantage the growth in Windows Mobile, and expand your mobile application’s user base by making it available for Windows Mobile.

The main reasons behind enterprises choosing Windows Mobile as the development platform:

  • Flexibility and Ease of use
  • .Net framework
  • Flexibility in development platform
  • Competitive
  • Improved secure
  • The Microsoft edge

ATG’s Windows Mobile Development Skills:

  • Platforms and Databases
  • Windows Mobile (8.0)
  • .Net Compact Framework
  • MS SQL Server CE
  • Development Tools
  • MS Embedded Visual Studio (eVC, eVB)
  • MS Visual Studio .NET
  • Mobile VB (AppForge)
  • ActiveSync

ATG’s mobility solutions on Windows Mobile devices address the business needs of field sales and service, asset management, and others.

ATG enables your mobile customers in the following industries:

  • Retail Industries and Consumer Products
  • Inventory and Marketing
  • Educational
  • Life Sciences
  • Corporate / Enterprise
  • Public / Utilities

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