Smart Repeater by Cel-Fi

Improve Your Cell Signal With A Smart Repeater From ATG

Does your office space have worse cell phone reception than the crawl space of a rural farm home? Can you afford the five to seven weeks of waiting to set up an antenna extension and for wiring to be completed? If your office space is dropping calls, has poor voice quality, or is extremely slow at high data uploads and downloads, you need a Cel-Fi PRO smart repeater. Currently, these are available for AT&T devices.

At Atlantic Technology Group, we’ve partnered with Cel-Fi to sell and install authorized AT&T smart repeaters into small to medium sized buildings and office spaces throughout the Mid-Atlantic that have wireless network issues just like you. Unlike traditional analog boosters, Cel-Fi has next generation repeaters and offers 1,000 times the gain of signal for 3G, 4G, and LTE and can be installed within five minutes—taking you from one bar to five bars!

Are you sick of dropped calls and weak signal in your office? Visit our online store to order a Cel-Fi smart repeater or keep reading to learn more!

What Is a Smart Repeater?

A smart repeater (sometimes referred to as a smart signal booster or high gain repeater) is designed to eliminate dead zones and improve indoor mobile phone reception for 3G and 4G voice and data. Cel-Fi’s smart repeater extends wireless signal coverage for AT&T:

  • Up to 13,000 square feet (the largest coverage of any similar product on the market)
  • For 60 simultaneous users, 21 data sessions, or a combination of both
  • Up to 42Mb per second of data (rivaling LTE data speed)

How Does a Smart Repeater Work?

When you order a Cel-Fi smart repeater, you’ll receive a box with two wireless devices: a Window Unit and Coverage Unit. They will work together to increase the 3G, 4G, and LTE mobile broadband signal throughout the building.

You’ll set the Window Unit in the place in your office with the highest number of bars and the 3G/4G/LTE icon. The Coverage Unit should go as far from the Window Unit as possible—the farther the better and you’ll experience increased square footage of amplified cell phone signal.

The Window Unit will receive the mobile signal from the local carrier and relay it to the coverage unit. This second device cleans it, converts, and amplifies it throughout your office space. All you need is one bar to get five.

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Why Choose a Cel-Fi Smart Repeater?

No outdoor antennas. No cabling. No signal interference. No worries. 

Cel-Fi started from the same frustration that you may be experiencing over the lack of indoor cell phone coverage from major carriers. Since then, they have created Cel-Fi Systems that are designed to eliminate in-building dead zones and work in harmony with AT&T.

When you select a Cel-Fi PRO high-capacity, smart booster to improve your weak indoor signal strength, you not only join a new generation of cell phone boosters, you get:

  • Superior voice quality
  • No dropped calls
  • High-speed data uploads and downloads
  • Better battery life—your phone won’t have to work as hard to reach a distant cell tower
  • An insanely simple product—just plug in to power up
  • Smart innovation—the product surveys and adapts to its environment to get the best coverage at all times
  • High capacity and coverage (up to 13,000 square feet)
  • The only authorized and approved booster by AT&T
  • No network interference—the product neutralizes the potential of interference with a carriers network

The Cel-Fi PRO add even more capability over previous cersions. The system is designed to dramatically imrpove voice and data coverage in up to four bands for 3G, 4G, and LTE for consumers while significantly improving network capacity for AT&T.

In addition, Cel-Fi offers a risk-free trial for all their cell phone amplifiers. If you are not satisfied with the increased signal strength throughout your office space, return the smart booster within 30 days for your money back!

Order & Install Your Smart Repeater

All you need is one bar of signal to get five bars throughout your Mid-Atlantic office or building. Fill out the contact form to the right or visit our online store to order your Cel-Fi smart repeater and boost your cell phone signal!